Valentines Masters and Seniors Meet inc Suffolk ASA Masters Championship - February 19th 2017


Club swim report - by Sharon McLellan


Sudbury Masters had a fantastic meet competing in their own Valentines Meet at Kingfisher Leisure Centre, February 19th 2017.


The squad comprised of 12 swimmers:

Gordon Coutts 400 freestyle (2nd) a personal best

Sue Moye 400 Freestyle, (4th) PB, 50 Backstroke (4th) 50 Freestyle (6th) 50 Fly (2nd) PB, 100 IM (3rd)

Harry Moye 400 Freestyle(2nd) 50 Backstroke (3rd) 100 Freestyle (3rd) 50 Freestyle (3rd) 100 IM (4th) 50 Fly (3rd) PB

James Argent 50 Backstroke (1st) PB, 100 Freestyle (5th) 100 Backstroke (1st) 200 breaststroke (2nd) PB, 50 Fly (4th) 100 IM (1st) PB

Nathan Alexander 50 Breaststroke (5th) 100 Freestyle (4th) 50 Freestyle (5th) 100 Backstroke (1st) 100 IM (2nd) 50 Breaststroke (1st)

Jean Appleby 50 Backstroke (1st) 100 Freestyle (1st)

Steve Denham 100 Breaststroke (4th) 100 freestyle (4th) 50 Freestyle (1st) 200 Breaststroke (3rd) 50 Fly (2nd) PB, 100 IM (4th) PB, 50 Breaststroke (4th) PB

Glen Turnbull 100 Breaststroke (5th) 50 Freestyle (3rd) PB

Kitty Craig 50 Breaststroke (2nd) PB 100 Breaststroke (2nd) PB

Orion Nichol 50 Freestyle (2nd) 50 Fly (2nd)

Graham King 50 Breaststroke (1st)

Georgie Hodgson 50 Fly (2nd) 100 IM (2nd).


These swimmers won between them 11 golds, 12 silvers & 7 bronze medals.  The County Champions were Jean, Graham, James, Kitty, Harry, Steve, Orion, Nathan, Sue & Georgie.  There were 21 personal best times achieved over the day, but special credit goes to Nathan Alexander, as he had six swims with six personal best times.


Well done to all our swimmers.