Newspaper Article - Feb 2nd 1914


The first annual meeting of the newly formed Suffolk Local Centre of the Amateur Swimming Association (Midland District) was held at Beccles on Saturday afternoon. Mr S. B. Rowbotham, of Ipswich, the President of the Centre, was the chair.
The annual report showed that the local Centre was formed on the 5th April 1913, on the initiative of all of the Swimming clubs in the county, except those at Lowestoft, but these later soon decided to join the Centre and, to represent them, Mr A. J. Bailey, of Lowestoft, had been co-opted on the Committee.

During the season three County Championships had been instituted, viz, for 220 yards, 440 yards, and 100yards, the first-mentioned being handed over to the County by the Ipswich Swimming Club, the 440 yards being instituted by the Beccles Regatta Committee, and the 100 yards by the Lowestoft Swimming Club. All three championships had been won by P. Pizzer of Ipswich.

At the suggestion of the Suffolk Committee, the American Swimming Association Salt Water Championships for 1914 had been allocated to Lowestoft Regatta, and it was hoped the county would be well represented in that and the other open events at the regatta.


The following officials were elected for 1914



Mr W. J Money - Beccles


Hon. Treasurer

Mr J. W. Wilson - Beccles


Hon. Secretary

Mr A. Moffat - Ipswich


Hon. Auditors

Mr Mark F. Buck - Beccles 

Mr J. Manning Prentice - Stowmarket



F. Rackham - Beccles

W. D. Fowler - Bury St Edmunds

A. J. Bailey - Lowestoft

W. Bonsall - Lowestoft

L. R. Freeman - Ipswich

F. G. Folley - Ipswich

C. A. Sillitoe - Sudbury

S. B. Rowbotham - Felixstowe

S. Pluck - Stowmarket


A note in the Suffolk Local Centre of the Amateur Swimming Association ( Midland District) Minute Book.


A letter dated the 18th January was read at the AGM by Mr C. A. Sillitoe suggesting that an open event should be held at the Sudbury Regatta with the medals to be provided by the Regatta Committee. The Hon Secretay was directed to suggest that the Sudbury Club should provide medals for a County Championship, preferably a half mile or 200 yards Breaststroke.


At the meeting of the Committee of the Suffolk Local Centre of the ASA Midlands District, held at the Crown Hotel Woodbridge on Saturday 11th July 1914 at 4:15pm.


The Hon Secretary reported that in acceptance with the suggestion made at the AGM of the centre he had been in consultation with the President of the Stour Boat Club (Sudbury) for the institution of a 200 yards Breaststroke County Championship. The first race would be held at the Sudbury Regatta on Bank Holiday, the Stour Boat Club providing the medals. The conditions of the championships to have an additional provision that the definition of Breast Stroke shall be as stated in the ASA law 46.


The annual report for 1914, held on 27th March 1915, reported the winner of the first 200 yard Breaststroke Championships for the County, held on the 4th August 1914, was F. G. Fincham of Ipswich S.C. In a time 3 minutes 52 1/5 seconds.


A scan of text from Suffolk Local Centre of the Amateur Swimming Association Minute Book

Newspaper article from the East Anglian Daily Times

The period of 1914 - 1918 saw quiet times in the swimming world, with several references to canceled competitions in the early period of the war.


1919 saw a reference to the Stour Boat club, with a note in the ASA minute book stating that nothing had been heard about them joining the ASA again.

1914 - 1919