Storms visit London Aquatic Centre - December 2016


On Saturday  10th December 2016, Sudbury Storms moved from their normal venue, the Kingfisher Leisure Centre Sudbury, to the London Aquatic Centre, Stratford - if only for a 3 lane, 2-hour training session.


A coach and 2 mini-busses set off from Sudbury in the morning and made good time getting to Stratford, despite the proximity to Christmas.  Not everybody worked out that after the 2-hour session, the coach was staying in London for 6 whole hours for shoppers to make the most of being at the Westfield Shopping Centre - but those who did appeared to enjoy themselves.  Indeed, the inside of The Dun Cow provided respite for some of the Storms Committee members for the duration of the shopping trip.


As always, our fantastic resident photographer was in attendance and snapped away to capture our visit forever.


Here are some of the photos, the rest are in the Photos section in an album of their own.  You can go there by clicking here!




Secret Santa 2016


So, Father Christmas has paid his annual visit to the pool, and happily handed out gift to most of the boys and girls, even the older ones!  Fortunately, there was no too much requirement for coal to be delivered, and Santa was kept fairly busy for 10 mins or so.

Thanks to all who took part, and to Santa himself.  Go to the photos page to check out some more photos.

Newmarket Open Meet - December 2016


Our swimmers were again taking part in another open meet, in search of those all important County Times for the Suffolk Championships in February 2017. 


Unfortunately, our photographer was prohibited from taking pictures due to the rights being sold a specialist company.


However, we have the results as follows;


18 Swimmers

79 Swims (only 2 DQ's!)

42 PB's

6 County QT times as follows;

  Caitlin Evans - 200 IM & 100 IM

  Zellah Chambers - 50 Fly

  Chris Greenhalgh - 100 Fly

  Katie Chambers - 50 Free

  Abbi Walton - 50 Breast

1 regional QT time



Place finishes

1st- 4

2nd- 11

3rd- 4

4th- 11

5th- 10

6th- 9


49 swims out of 79 finished in the top six. And 19 races won medals.


Click here to see a full list of the PB's from the weekend.

ASA National Masters & Seniors Inter-County Competition East Region Leg - Newmarket November 2016


4 Teams competed at Newmarket Leisure Centre on Sunday 20th November 2016 for Masters Intercounty honours.  These were Suffolk, Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Norfolk.  Essex and Herfordshire were unable to raise a team.

The points totals were as follows :

Norfolk - 321
Cambridgeshire - 288
Bedfordshire - 285
Suffolk - 282

Ipswich Open Meet - November 2016


A number of our swimmers were in attendance at Ipswich, again searching for those improvements which would lead to County Championship qualifying times.


A number of PB's were achieved over the weekend, but on Saturday alone, the following 9 were achieved;


Caitlin 200 f/c,

Holly, Lauren, Zellah, Caitlin 50 b/r

Georgia, Emily, Lauren, Rachel 50 f/c

In doing so, Emily created 2 new club records

and Georgia also created another one!

ASA East Region Winter Short Course Championships


November 2016


On weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th November 2016, the East Region ASA held their annual Winter Regional Short Course Championships.  These were held in Luton at the wonderful Inspire Sports Village.


This year, Sudbury Storms sent 4 swimmers to the championships, 3 of whom were first-time qualifiers.  Alex Curran (18) qualified for the 100m Freestyle and Olivia Sherred (17) qualified for the 50m Backstroke.  Caitlin Evans (14) qualified for both 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle.  In addition, Chris Greenhalgh (20) – Sudbury Storm’s Club Captain, qualified for 400 Freestyle, 1500 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, 50 Breaststroke, 100 Breaststroke, 200 Breaststroke, 200 Butterfly, 100 IM, 200 IM and 400 IM.


Alex managed a time 0.9s of his entry time, a great return after a summer off swimming.  Olivia swam a good race, but was disqualified for an infringement at the start.  Caitlin managed a personal best (PB) for her Backstroke, being just 0.06s off a qualifying time for the summer regionals.  Her Freestyle was not a PB, but still sub 30s – a significant milestone for swimmers.


Chris was not able to compete in everything he qualified for, but posted very competitive times in all of his events.  Well done to all of our swimmers, the chase is now on for County Championship times, and Summer Regionals!

Busy as always at warm up.


Sudbury Storms at Newmarket Novice Gala 2016

On Saturday 5th November 2016, nineteen of the Sudbury Storms swimmers were in action at the Newmarket Novice Gala, creating their own sparkling display on Guy Fawkes night. This event is always a lot of fun for the kids and parents, and there was a lot of team spirit from the swimmers and parents alike, as they all supported each other in their endeavours for the team.


Notable swims were by Jack Osborne, who is the youngest boy and newest swimmer to join the club.  He put in an excellent performance having 5 swims and coming first in two of them. Fia Garrad, our youngest girl, was also in her first gala for the club and performed excellently producing two new personal bests on the night.


James Rowley and Abi Walton performed particularly well in the Medley Relays, both being the last of the team last off the blocks, but bringing the team home in first place.  Another outstanding performance was from Bryn Roberts who took 4 seconds off his personal best.  Katie Chambers took part in the 50m Butterfly and posted a fast time that gave her a new PB, inside the county qualifying time.


But the one race everyone enjoys is the Parents race at the end of the evening.  Sudbury Storm parents did us proud by winning the last race of the night with half a length to spare! 


Halfway through the evening, Sudbury Storms were laying in 4th place, but battled back to take 2nd overall at the end of the night, for the second year running.


Thanks to the coaches, Brendan and Jan, for looking after the team.


Text by Brendan Clancy and Barry Eley - Photos by Barry Eley


National Masters - Sheffield October 2016

Sheffield Group

Sheffield Group

Jean Appleby British Record Holder

Jean Appleby British Record Holder

Master Gang

Master Gang

25th National Masters - Sheffield October 2016


Sudbury Masters swimming in Sheffield for their National competition had a fantastic weekend of medals, their very first British Record and East Region records.  Jean Appleby in the 100 IM swam, to a British Record in the time of 1.21.72  and was only a couple of seconds off the European Record.  She also swam 50 & 100 Fly gaining gold medals and East Region records in all three of her events.


Stuart McLellan swam 400, 800, 1500 freestyle, 200, 400 IM’s & 200 Breaststroke, he had an exceptional meet gaining three East Region records, 1 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronze medals.


Chris Greenhalgh, the youngest amongst those swimming over the three days, also had a great weekend of swimming.  Chris competed in 1500 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, 200 Breaststroke, 100 and 200 Fly and 400 IM – gaining an East Region record in 200 Fly, 1 gold and 2 bronze medals along the way. 

Terry Mansi, who flew in especially for this event, swam 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 Freestyle events and won a bronze medal his 800 Freestyle.


Steve Denham took part in his first National competition and swam 50, 100 Freestyle, achieving two personal best times for those events.


Sudbury Storms,  home of a new British Record holder

Article by Sharon McLellan

East Region Masters - Newmarket October 2016

Master Swimming Report


Two of Sudbury Master swimmers competed over Newmarket for the East Regional Championships for 2016.  Jean Appleby successfully swam into three regional records and won four gold medals, her events were 100 fly – 1.27.85, 50 fly - 36.12, 200 freestyle – 2.43.61 and 100 IM – 1.24.19.


Chris Greenhalgh swam in six events winning two golds and 4 silver medals competing in 100 IM -1.05.67, 200 IM – 2.22.89, 50 Breaststroke – 33.52, 100 Breaststroke – 1.11.44, 200 Breastroke 2.37.59 & 50 freestyle – 26.67.


Some amazing swimming from both of these swimmers representing Sudbury Storms, the Masters are now in training for their National competition in Sheffield which includes Jean Appleby, Stuart McLellan, Terry Mansi & Steve Denham.

Report by Sharon McLellan

Michaelmas 2016

64 tight-finish
62 gold
66 first-place

Michaelmas September 2016


As anybody who attended will tell you, from Storms or another club, Michaelmas was an amazing event, enjoyed by all.


Our swimmers were particularly successful with achieving  148 Pb’s.  In addition, a host of County Qualifying times were achieved, as per the following list.  Some may have previously qualified, but they also improved their times this weekend;


Caitlin Evans – 100 Back, 50 Free, 50 Back, 200 Back

James Rowley – 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Back, 100 Fly

Sam Roberts – 50 Free

Orion Nichol – 50 Free, 50 Fly

Gracie Brinkley – 200 Fly, 50 Fly

Bryn Roberts – 50 Fly

Zellah Chambers – 50 Back

Georgie Hodgeson – 50 Back, 50 Fly

Emily Knight – 200 Back

Abi Walton – 50 Fly


Further to the above, the following also achieved Club Records; 


Gracie Brinkley– 200 Fly

Emily Knight – 50, 100, 200 Back

James Rowley – 100 Free, 200 Back


In addition, over this weekend Winter Regional Qualifying Times were achieved for the first time by Caitlin Evans for 50 Free and 50 Back.


For all of the photos, goto the Photo Album page.

Developments 2o16


Over the weekend of 18/19 June 2016, the Suffolk ASA held their annual Development Championships at Newmarket Leisure centre.  This event is open to swimmers who obtain qualifying times within a window, below County Championship qualifying times.

Sudbury Storms was well placed with their swimmers achieving over 300 qualifying swims for the championship, their best result ever.  Around 200 of these qualifying swims were entered, with the following amazing results;

46 Medals – 13 x Gold, 18 x Silver, 15 x Bronze

Emily Knight = 6 – 1 x Gold (200 IM), 3 x Silver (200 F/S, 100 Back, 100 Fly), 2 x Bronze (100 F/S, 100 Breast)
Gracie Brinkley = 5 -  2 x Gold (100 Fly, 200 Fly), 3 x Bronze (200 IM, 50 Back, 100 Back)
Charlie Harman = 5 – 1 x Gold (50 Fly), 4 x Silver (100 IM, 100 F/S, 200 Back, 200 F/S)
Georgie Hodgson = 4 – 2 x Gold (100 F/S, 50 Back), 2 x Silver (200 F/S, 100 Fly)
George Butler = 3 – 2 x Silver (100 Breast, 50 Fly), 1 x Bronze (200 F/S)
Connor Hume = 3 – 1 x Silver (200 F/S), 2 x Bronze (100 Breast, 50 Breast)
Caitlin Evans = 3 – 2 x Gold (200 F/S, 100 Breast), 1 x Bronze (200 Breast)
Sam Roberts = 3 – 2 x Silver 50 Fly, 200 F/S), 1 x Bronze (100 IM)
Abi Walton = 2 – 1 x Gold (50 Breast), 1 x Silver (100 F/S)
Maria Grumann = 2 – 2 x Silver (50 Fly, 50 Breast)
Zellah Chambers = 2 – 1 x Gold (200 Breast), 1 x Bronze (50 Breast)
Katie Chambers = 2 – 1 x Silver (200 Fly), 1 x Bronze (100 Fly)
Steve Denham = 1 – 1 x Gold (50 Free)
James Rowley = 1 – 1 x Bronze (100 IM)
Oriel Hopkins = 1 – 1 x Bronze (100 Breast)
Nathan Alexander = 1 – 1 x Gold (200 Back)
Chris Greenhalgh = 1 – 1 x Gold (200 Back)
Bethany Whitaker = 1 – 1 x Bronze (50 Free)

Newmarket Novice Gala April 2016

Winners on the night were:

Gracie x 2 – 50 Back, 50 Breast

Charlie x 2 – 50 Fly, 50 Back

Bryn – 50 Back

Georgia – 50 Back

Oriel – 25 Fly


Relay Teams:

F/S – Bryn, Oriel, Georgia, Aidan

F/S – Sam, Sophie, Charlie, Hayley

Medley – Aidan, Lily, Gracie, Bryn


Overall we came 2nd with 151 points behind winners Mildenhall with 165 points beating West Suffolk 141 points, First Strokes 131 points and Newmarket 110 points.



14/05/2016 at 12:25

On Saturday 14 May 2016, Sudbury storms returned to the Suffolk County ASA Summer League after an absence of over a year.  The first meeting was held at their home pool at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Sudbury.

4 clubs took part, the home team was joined by Leiston, Felixstowe and Stowmarket.  The events were a mixture of 50m and 100m covering the ages groups.  To finish, there were some mixed relays, of medley and freestyle.  All of the clubs supported their swimmers with a lot of noise, becoming deafening for the final relays!

At the end of the evening, Stowmarket were the winners, but only by just by 3 points ahead of Sudbury Storms.  Very close in 3rd was Felixstowe, with Leiston just behind following a night of high quality and extremely competitive swimming by all.

Of the 40 swims by Sudbury swimmers, 29 were new personal bests.  Winners for Sudbury Storms on the night were;

Zellah Chambers – 100 Breast

Katie Chambers – 50 Back, 50 Fly

Sam Roberts – 100 Free, 100 Back

Emily Knight – 50 Back

James Rowley – 100 Free

Caitlin Evans – 100 Free, 100 Back

Robbie Brindley – 50 Back, 50 Free

Ciaran Riches – 100 Fly, 100 Breast

Tobin Sari – 50 Fly, 100 Fly

11/U Medley Relay – Aidan Clancy, Zellah Chambers, James Rowley, Lauren Martin

12/U Free Relay – Robbie Brindley, George Butler, Katie Chambers, Sophie Murray

13/U Medley Relay – Caitlin Evans, Abigail Walton, Ciaran Riches, Sam Roberts



02/06/2016 at 07:09

Over the last 5 days, 7 Sudbury Storms swimmers have been travelling to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London which has seen the best of European masters swimmers come together for the bi-annual European Masters Championships. The event proved to be the most popular master’s event ever and the 5 days saw some 14,000 swimmers across the whole range of disciplines and also include diving and synchronised swimming. In just one event alone, the 100 freestyle there were 199 heats across the age groups and with 10 lanes that’s 1,900 swimmers.


Our most successful swimmer of the meet was Jean Appleby who until recently hadn’t competed in over 40 years at this meet Jean just missed out on two medals and unfortunately finished in 4thplaces for her events 200 IM and 50 backstroke. Next was Stuart McLellan finishing 6th 200 IM, 6th 400 Freestyle & 5th 800 freestyle having some exceptional good swims in all his events. Nicola Buchanan’s best swim of the meet was the 50 fly where she finished in 6th place also swimming 50 & 100 freestyle events.


Terry Mansi flew in from Spain just to compete at the Europeans for his three events 800, 400 & 200 freestyle and maintained some of his endurance without training with the rest of the squad. Gordon Coutts competed in 400, 200 & 100 freestyle and had some fantastic times, while Graham King swam two events 50 breaststroke and 50 freestyle breaking lifetime personal bests in both events and lastly Sharon McLellan swam 800 & 400 freestyle and finishing in the middle of her age group.


Not forgetting our Chairman Clive Evans who volunteered his services to LEN our governing body for these championships as they increased the amount of swimmers they  then required the extra officials.  He was timekeeping throughout the first three days and without these volunteers we would have no competition.


With so many entrants coming to London we were never sure if things would run quite so smoothly with getting into the venue, warm-ups and swimming your best but by the time the last day arrived most people had enjoyed themselves and their swimming.

Sudbury Masters can now look forward to the rest of the season swimming locally or beyond and maybe some of these will go to the world Championships in Budapest 2017.



11/04/2016 at 08:38


Over the first weekend of April, Sudbury Storms held its Spring Meet.  It was well attended by over 10 clubs sending swimmers.  There were two days of competition, with medals being awarded for performances in different age groups, across all of the different events.  Colchester swimming club sent a large contingent and this made for a busy and competitive weekend.


Sudbury Storms own swimmers did well, on the first day alone they achieved 75 personal best times, from 96 swims.  On the second day, there were a further 73 personal bests from 95 swims.  And the improvement for many was not 1/100ths or 1/10ths of a second, but many seconds.  These were some incredible swims and it clearly shows the hard work and determination of these swimmers during training.


This resulted in 49 qualifying times for the Suffolk County Development Championships, due to be held in Newmarket in June, bringing the total for the club to 236.  This is 30 better than last year, making this the best year of qualifying for these championships by Sudbury Storms.  These included first-time swimmers Emily Knight, Georgia Denham and Gracie Brinkley.  Other qualifiers were Hayley Collins, Zellah Chambers, Abi Walton, Sophie Murray, Maria Grumann and Nathan Alexander.


At the same time, but in Sheffield, Jean Appleby (Sudbury Storms former Olympic Swimmer) took part in the Master Long Course National Championships.  In her age group, she won Gold in the 50m Butterfly, and Silver in 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley.  All of these were also new East Region Records!



08/02/2016 at 13:09

On Sunday 7 February 2016, Sudbury Storms held their 21st Masters and Senior Age Group Valentines Open Meet, which incorporated the Suffolk County ASA Master and Senior Age Group Championships.

This years’ event was very well attended.  37 clubs sent swimmers, a complete mix of ages (18 to 80’s) in this really friendly and family atmosphere meeting.  The attendees included Michael Read MBE, who is placed second for the most channel swims by a single person.  Jean Appleby, our own former 1972 Summer Olympic Swimmer (for Butterfly) and our own Stuart Mclellan who won a Bronze medal at the Masters World Championships in Kazan last year. 


Many other swimmers from our growing Master squad took part, some for the first time in a Masters event.  It was very successful for the hosts as a team, with the following results;

33 Gold County Championship Medals were won by Stuart Mclellan, Zara McLoone, Sarah Clarke, Sharon Mclellan, Lauren Bates, Alex Curran, Suzanne Frost, Jean Appleby, Danielle Grumann, James Argent, Steve Denham, Clive Evans and Graham King.

11 Silver County Championship Medals were won by Steve Denham, Sarah Clarke, Clive Evans, Graham King, Lauren Bates, Suzanne Frost and Danielle Grumann (who also won the single Bronze medal).

During the event, 22 Personal Bests were recorded.  Amongst these were 4 East Region Masters Records in the 60-64yr age group by Jean Appleby.  These were for 50m Backstroke – 39.16s, 100m Freestyle – 1.14.79, 200m Individual Medley – 3.05.91 and 100m Individual Medley – 1.24.65



04/01/2016 at 13:16

Over the first weekend of the New Year, the Last Chance Meet was held at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre by Sudbury and District Swimming Club.  This was an open event, with many swimmers travelling from clubs around the area to take part.  This was the last opportunity for swimmers to win a Qualifying time for the Suffolk County Championships 2016.


It was a significantly successful event for Sudbury Storms, the home club, as during the weekend their own swimmers recorded a mighty 182 personal best times, including 32 new Suffolk County Championship Qualifying times.


As a club, this brings Storms to a total of 27 swimmers who have overall achieved 125 qualifying times for events in the Championships, up from 22 and 97 for the year before – which was a good year itself!  This is an incredible achievement for a relatively small, but well-supported club, that are moving from strength to strength.  It also demonstrates the commitment of the swimmers, coaches and parents, to attend lots of training and events, and what can be achieved by dedication and working very hard.

We now look forward to posting results to the County Championships, which take place over several weekends in February 2016.  It looks like being one of the best in the history of the club!