Suffolk Free Press Article March 12, 1992


Sudbury storms are division four champions of the Suffolk and District Winter League.


They travelled to Bury St Edmunds on Saturday needing to win the meeting to become champions and after a few worrying moments along the way they managed to carry on their recent winning form.


At the halfway stage it was looking as though close rivals Deben B would upset Sudbury's promotion plans by gaining an overall 8 point lead, with the storms girls being 7 points adrift of Deben B and the boys a narrow 1 point behind Deben B but 2 behind Bury C.


After a break, both boys and girls came out with renewed determination and the coaches voice ringing in their ears. With the help of some suburb vocal support from the parents, relatives and teammates they swam brilliantly and with the last four races left, the girls were leading Deben B by 3 points with the boys leading Bury C by only two points. This meant that with the relays worth double points no slip ups could be allowed and with this in mind the teams excelled, with the boys gaining and the girls gaining a first and second place in the last four races. The final points total for the gala was 1st Sudbury 184 points, 2nd Deben B 156, 3rd Bury C 145, 4th Lakenheath 138, 5th Stowmarket 105 points.



             10-11 yrs          12-13yr               14-15yrs         Open


Girls     K. Allison         G. Dobson          C. Fisher        L. Whybrow

             Anna Downs   C. Sandford        D. Martin 

             J. Andrews      S. White              R. Peacock 

             H. Wheeler      C. Trihorn           D. Hellaby 

             A. Ralph          E. Bennett  

             V. Painting      C. Boswell  

             E. O'Dell


Boys    M. Hill               N. Ralph             J. Frewin        M. Clayton

             A. Tinsley         S. Whybrow       S. Palmer       A. Spranger

             P. Walker         K. Martin            T. Whybrow 

             D. Jarvis           D. Parslow         S. Bacon 

             M. Keating       G. Souch            R. Rendall 

             D. Webb           P. Nicholas  

             M. Brabner      M. Fry  

             M. Pearce




Chairman - George Ralph

Vice Chairman - Trevor Allison

Hon. Secretary - Barbara White

Hon. Treasurer - Mark Dobson




K Whybrow

J Whybrow

P Martin

S Reid​

V Ralph

R Hellaby

T Andrews

D Tinsley