RECENT FINDS! - From Roger Steed

All around 1963/64

David ??, Mr A Fayers, Roger Steed

----Tatum, ?, Heather---------, Billy (his sister married Chris Cass and she worked in the post office), Roger Steed, -----Lumley (Derrick Lumley's brother),  Mrs Stanley Wood the Mayoress,

Back row: David? Holding the Jordon Cup?,   Mr A Fayers (the Mayor), 


Front Row: ?he had a brother at the club as well and his dad was an official, Kevin Knight, ----Edwards, -----Tatum, Roger Steed holding ? and the Drake Cup.

SDSC Logo in 1962

SDSC 1962 Squad



Take a look at the picture on the left and spot one of our current Masters swimmers when they were a little younger.  

He is the one far right


If you know anyone else in the pictures again let us know



Stuart McLellan collecting a Trophy - Late 60's

1968 Leisure Time Exhibition